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Astrology gives us penetrating insight into who we are as individuals, where we find ourselves now, and where we are headed in the times to come. The twinkling lights above reveal our talents and blessings, just as they show our blocks and challenges. I will help you connect with the wisdom of the skies and make practical life choices that bring greater fulfillment.

My Offerings

I offer open-ended consultations that we can tailor to your life questions and circumstances. For example, I work with entrepreneurs to better understand their business and I have developed more creative approaches for artists, writers and performers. In a children's consultation, I provide parents with guidance to support their children’s development. If you are planning an important life event or preparing to launch a notable project or endeavor, I can also help you find an auspicious time to do so.

Astrology offers infinite possibilities, and I’m always glad to expand beyond my offerings if there’s something else you’d like to explore. Astrological consultations of any type build a strong foundation for personal growth, and they can serve as an excellent basis for a coaching relationship. If you’d like to work with me more intimately, we will arrange more regular sessions as part of my coaching practice ›

£ 240.00 
Classic Consultation

I will guide you through your cosmic roadmap, and we’ll look at how celestial configurations show up in your body, your lived experience and your soul. I’ll cast and analyze your birth chart before we meet, and then together we’ll put this in the context of your life. We’ll identify long-term trends and patterns, and we’ll also see what the year ahead promises to bring your way.

In a classic consultation, you will get to know your sense of purpose, your emotional center, your thinking mind, your way of relating, your drive, your beliefs and your boundaries. We will consider your current perspective and discuss practical ways for you to work with what is present. We can examine any themes or topics that are especially relevant to your life right now.

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£ 240.00 
Business Consultation

I will help you build a more meaningful and productive relationship with your business. You will develop a clear sense of your mission and purpose, how your business generates income, the ways in which you work best, and your pathway to enduring success. We will identify current opportunities for growth and concentration, and we will consider the cosmic trajectory of your business over the next year.

If you are currently employed and considering whether to begin an independent venture, we can discuss how and when you might choose to do this. We will look at what’s most important to you, where you can draw support, and what you’d want to have in place. We’ll also consider the potential and practicalities of launching your new endeavor in the present celestial environment.

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£ 240.00 
Creative Consultation

I will inspire you to connect with your craft. You will get to know your unique source of creativity, your means of self-expression, your particular methods and techniques. We will discuss practical ways for you to channel your creative drive into the physical world, and we’ll identify the avenues available for you to do so now and in the near future.

If you have a work in progress, we can explore the potential it holds and consider how you nurture its development. If you find yourself feeling blocked, we will look for ways to unstick you. I love to find creative ways of working; I have enjoyed consultations with and for fictional characters, and have even been featured in a book. Please know that wherever you are in the creative process, I will help you find effective and playful ways to move forward.

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£ 155.00 
Children’s Consultation

I will help you get to know your baby or young child in a meaningful new way. We will look for ways you can nurture, support and challenge them to develop into who they are meant to be, and we’ll also consider what they can teach you along the way.

We will talk about how they like to play and learn, what helps them to feel safe and loved, and what inspires them to step out into the world. For older children (not yet teens), I consult with them in the presence of their parents. I have dedicated my career to children’s rights, and I work to create an atmosphere where all children feel seen and heard.

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£ 177.00 
Auspicious Timing
Per event

I will help you choose a favorable time for an important event, launch or endeavor. We will discuss your priorities and the energy you wish to capture, and I will find the moment that best reflects these. I’ll be sure this moment sits well with your astrology and the astrology of any other key people involved, and we’ll carefully consider how to address any potential challenges.

It’s possible to select an auspicious moment for any occasion. Among other things, you might consider consulting the cosmos if you’re:

  • Planning a wedding
  • Buying a new house
  • Starting a business
  • Launching a project
  • Publishing a book
  • Organizing a conference
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Patrick did a consultation for myself and for my newborn son. I knew very little about astrology before my sessions, and he did an excellent job at walking me through. He explained what it all means from an astrological perspective, and showed me how I can use this insight as a tool in my own life and my son's life. For my own reading, I found it to be a great tool for helping me make sense of myself. At the time, I was going through a large transitional phase in my life and it helped me see the bigger picture and gain perspective. For my son's reading, it was super helpful for better understanding the ways in which he naturally operates and relates to the world. This has helped me be more in tune with who my son is and how I can support him. It was also a lot of fun, I highly recommend it!

New York

Patrick is a highly connected, grounded, intuitive leader and coach. I am a psychologist by profession, and ...Patrick has elevated my work to a place that I never knew possible, ushering in new ways of reaching clients, conducting my research, and fielding new, innovative perspectives. I have experienced many ways of working with Patrick, all of which feel warm and personal — group coaching, chart consultations, a lunar cycle workshop and even a month-long, 1:1 experiences with him as a private coach. He has become a friend, a trusted companion and teacher. It is almost difficult to explain just how deep the impact of Patrick's work is. He's taken up an awesome way to help this world by inviting us to consider - and experience! - the wondrous expanse that lies just beyond it. One beautiful example I will always remember is Patrick's willingness to help me develop a psychology-based fictional character I am writing about, through astrology and planetary insights. Patrick treated my character (an elephant, in fact) as though he were “real,” casting his birth chart according to a relevant time, and giving a full reading of his planetary aspects and upcoming transits. It opened up a tremendous amount of insight into my writing — of the character, and about myself!


Patrick is a talented, perceptive and intuitive astrologer whom I wholeheartedly recommend. He wrote a wonderfully illuminative transit chart for me and did a natal chart consultation for my baby. As he grows, I am seeing how accurate Patrick’s interpretations were. Combining a background as a corporate lawyer and in UN Human Rights, Patrick is practical and realistic. His approach is thoughtful, intelligent and grounded. He will make observations and give you guidance that will change the way you look at and approach your place in the world.