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For millennia, people have interacted with the stars and planets as conscious, living beings. Each point of light in our sky has a unique and particular energetic signature, much like a human personality. Everything in the universe is connected, and it is possible to work directly with individual stars and planets. I will help you to build these relationships, and you will learn to draw from celestial support in your daily life.

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As we grow more in touch with the skies above us, we can all learn to consciously channel the cosmos. The possibilities are truly infinite, and we will identify stars and planets that can help you move forward down your life path. You might consider an astrological consultation before we begin, as your birth chart will reveal stars and planets with special personal relevance.

I will teach you how to communicate with stars and planets in a straightforward and effective way. You’ll safely and confidently channel their presence into your body, your energy field and the world around you, and you will notice immediate impacts as you make long-lasting shifts in your awareness. You will feel the support of the universe behind you, guiding you towards the next natural step.

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What a wonderful experience working with Patrick. It’s the third year in a row that I’ve sought his guidance from the stars. Through his consultations, he shows me new ways to channel the energy boiling inside me in the right direction. He combines heart, soul, and his vast knowledge about natural healing remedies with meditation and visualisation techniques, and his consultations are a heartfelt experience. Patrick always makes sure I understand the process and see the connections in the same way that he does. The insights and tools he offers are so supportive of my new path!