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Coaching empowers us to free our wildly creative energy, to write bold new stories about who we are, and to release limiting beliefs that hold us back from fully experiencing our lives. As you radiate light into the deep recesses of your body, your lived experience and your soul, you will come to see how your decisions reflect and shape your reality.

My Offering

Coaching offers a creative, open-hearted and powerfully healing way for us to connect. As you start to see your soul’s journey in earthly terms, you will find that your natural next step becomes clear. 

£ 1800
Cosmic Coaching Package

We will commit to work, play and learn together for 3 months. You will connect with the universe of possibilities that lives inside you, and you will make conscious life choices that resonate directly with your soul’s deepest desire. Your cosmic coaching package includes:

- Full Astrological Consultation
We'll start with a 2-hour astrological consultation to get a clear sense of where you are and where you wish to be.

- 5 Live Coaching Sessions:
We'll come together online every 2 weeks for 5 live 75-minute coaching sessions. Sessions include visualizations, body work, role play, mantras, affirmations, and energy clearing.

- Intuitive Guidance:
We will work with all that makes itself known. I often receive information and messages from other spiritual sources, and I will help you to ground this insight in a tangible way.

- Ongoing Text/ Voice Message Support:
We'll stay in regular contact between sessions as you see the impact of your new choices play out in the world around you.

- Specific Requests:
We will make time and space to honor and consider specific requests for assistance, such as reading a draft email or reviewing a website.

Your commitment begins after our astrological consultation, which I invite you to book below. If you decide to begin coaching within 30 days of our consultation, I will deduct the full price of the consultation from your coaching package. If you decide to begin coaching at a later time, we will instead arrange for an additional astrological consultation to reconnect with your present life circumstances.

As coaching is energy-intensive, please note that I work with a limited number of persons at one time so that I can best look after myself and my clients.

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Patrick is a uniquely thoughtful and insightful coach, and a source of profound and practical wisdom. His astrological guidance is grounded in a deeply appreciative understanding of what it is to be an empowered human in a fast-changing world. I love him!