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We are all magicians. Much in the same way that we make mental and emotional associations with the objects around us, we can consciously use magic to bring universal creative energy into physical form. You can feel the energy of a magical object just as you can feel the energy of your favorite stuffed animal from childhood. Magical objects help us to express our native talents just as they assist us in navigating a challenging time.

Astrological Magic

Astrological magic involves concentrating cosmic energy into objects that are worn, carried or displayed in prominent places. These objects provide direct and powerful connections with planets and stars in the physical world. Astrological magic is both a practical and deeply spiritual art, and it can bring about tangible impacts on our body, our lived experience and our soul.

Time Magic

The past and the future both live in the present, and it is from this place that we experience the fullness of time. Our bodies are time machines, and this means that it is possible for us to capture the celestial energy of any moment from where we are at present. Time magic can give us enduring physical access to moments of personal significance, including our birth into this world, and connect us with powerful energies throughout history, myth and legend.

My Offerings

In addition to my customized magical offerings, you may wish to visit my Magic Shop for a selection of ready-made magical objects.

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