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We are all part of this universe, and we all have the right to live in conscious connection with the cosmos. As we navigate a period of great uncertainty here on Earth, this connection becomes ever more important. Our only way forward is to come together, and I seek to foster faith, hope and trust in ourselves and the world around us. I will always encourage you to embrace the fullness of your life experience, and to make choices that contribute to the common good.

My Offering

I organize regular conversations, events and workshops that look at current affairs, social issues and collective challenges from a spiritual perspective. We consider these through the lens of conscious creative choice, and our approach is one of empathy and compassion. I share insight from my work, and I lead visualizations, meditations and other shared experiences to clear our energy and refresh our perspective. I hope my offering will help you to find acceptance, meaning and gratitude.

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“Patrick combines a dazzling mind, a huge heart and pure intentions through his work. I have consulted him on a number of occasions and have also been fortunate enough to receive some of his community offerings, which are just as thorough and profound as his private sessions. Times have been tough the past years, but his commitment to helping us do the good work of knowing and loving ourselves has helped me much. Once times become a bit easier, I will be consulting him even more!”