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Moon Group

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Following the lunar cycle is easy, joyful and remarkably enlightening. The movements of the Moon reconnect us with our natural rhythms of growth and release, and they free us from the damaging modern notion that every hour is the same as the last. You will learn that there is a time to begin a new project, a time to set goals and focus our efforts, a time to unveil the fruits of our labor, and a time to let go and realign.

My Offerings

Lunar Cycle Workshop

Are you ready to move beyond the repetitive, draining and tedious world of clock-time into the lively, fulfilling and inspirational flow of creative time?

Learn to live in tune with the Moon and you will see the richness and quality of time unfold in a way you never dreamed possible. You will reconnect with the fundamental rhythm of your creative process. You will know which parts of your life are ripe for change, and you will understand when and how to make choices that:

- Embrace your imagination as the gateway to creation
- Harness your energy to take advantage of new opportunities
- Celebrate and share your work with the world
- Let go of baggage to realign with your sense of purpose
- Nurture your body and soul with constructive downtime

Find out more and reserve your place below. See you on the Moon!

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Lunar Worksheet

Download a free worksheet about the Moon. Drop me a line and let me know what inspires you about working with the lunar cycle!

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“I joined a Moon Group with Patrick. His expression of astrology through his deep understanding is astounding, to say the least. He manages to translate quite comprehensive information about what’s happening out there and what’s happening in my life into words that feel familiar and visualisations that are beautiful. It ALWAYS seems to resonate. After every session I have joined with Patrick, I feel lighter and almost ethereal. Any of the tensions I was holding seem to melt away.”