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Lush Growth: Hanging Gardens

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Be the fruits of your labor forever more resplendent.


Enter this world of verdant fertility. The Hanging Gardens of Babylon will support the blossoming of your full potential, just as they will bring lush ripening to the world around you. They represent the blending of natural beauty with human ingenuity, and bring a sense of wondrous splendor to inner and outer landscapes alike.


Working with the Hanging Gardens can help you to:

  • Feed, water and ripen your life mission
  • Craft something of inspirational, lasting wonder
  • Use practical ingenuity to materialize grand visions
  • Bring a growth-mindset to challenging projects
  • Develop a stronger connection with plants and nature


The Hanging Gardens take roots in a spectacular stellium in Taurus. The Moon sits in its sign and degree of exaltation, preparing to kiss a culminating Venus in rulership. Venus is hot on the heels of Jupiter, and the trio of Pluto, Neptune and Uranus conjoin to paint a picture of truly extraterrestrial wonder. Meanwhile, an exalted, rejoicing and well-supported Sun in Aries plants seeds that are sure to grow loud and proud. So you’ll no longer need to stop to smell the roses, for you’ll be blessed with the sweet perfume of these ever-blooming Gardens wherever you go.

You'll find the Hanging Gardens' birth chart in the selection of images. If you’d like to work with them to enchant an object of your choosing, send me a message and we’ll make it happen.

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