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Inner Beauty: Helen of Troy

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No other beauty has a name like yours.

Meet the face that launched a thousand ships. Helen will guide you to experience your own unique inner beauty, just as she’ll add serious sparkle to your outer presentation. She adds notes of aesthetic and interpersonal harmony to everything she touches, and she makes an equally excellent companion in the office, the bedroom and the powder room.

Working with Helen can help you to: 

  • Radiate a feeling of harmonious beauty from within
  • Enhance your ability to attract what your heart desires from afar
  • Raise and replace old narratives of physical imperfection
  • Balance your appreciation of inner and outer beauty
  • Empower your divine feminine energy

Helen is born from a Venus cazimi in Libra that sits squarely on the Ascendant, moments before a Full Moon on the Autumnal Equinox. Jupiter beams in exaltation and enjoys mutual reception with the Moon, while Mercury, Mars and Saturn sit strong in rulership. It is no surprise that Helen’s radiant glow knows no bounds, and she would sail your ship around the world if she could.

You'll find Helen's birth chart in the selection of images. If you’d like to work with her to enchant an object of your choosing, send me a message and we’ll make it happen.

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