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Pure Freedom: Statue of Liberty

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Vive la liberté. Do it your way.

Let the crisp winds of change whisk your worries away. The Statue of Liberty wants to be your inner beacon of pure freedom, and she will help you live in a way that is unquestionably your own. She heralds the proud dawn of a fresh start, and she will inspire you to cast off the weighty chains of attachment as you step into full authenticity. 

Working with the Statue of Liberty can help you to: 

  • Walk your life path with electric integrity 
  • Embrace your originality to stand out from the crowd
  • Take an innovative, intellectual approach to problem-solving
  • Expunge limiting beliefs and mental baggage
  • Adopt a proud, upright and aligned posture

The Statue of Liberty perches in Aquarius upon an emancipating triple conjunction between the Moon, Jupiter and Uranus on the Ascendant. These planets look for guidance and support from Saturn, which sits comfortably behind the curtain in both rulership and joy. The Crescent Moon separates not only from Uranus but also from a close square to Venus in the emotional depths of Scorpio, and applies not only to Jupiter - within the same degree - but also to Mercury and the Sun in truth-seeking Sagittarius. So prepare to illuminate the harbor with your trusted torch, to shine the light of self-determination for all to see.

You'll find the Statue of Liberty's birth chart in the selection of images. If you’d like to work with her to enchant an object of your choosing, send me a message and we’ll make it happen.

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