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Strategic Command: Terracotta Army

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I came. I saw. I conquered.


Welcome your faithful legion of warriors. The Terracotta Army will help you to harness your inherent capacity for strategic command, and they will deploy the resources of many where you put the attention of one. They channel the power of ambition and accomplishment into tangible progress on any front, and this Army is particularly primed for publicly-focused or career-related endeavors.


Working with the Terracotta Army can you help to:

  • Plan and accomplish long-term goals
  • Channel your ambition into material progress
  • Work across many fronts in a well-coordinated fashion
  • Eradicate doubts about your rightful authority
  • Build a team of dedicated, supportive hard-workers


The Terracotta Army draws its strength and determination from an exalted, culminating Mars in Capricorn in a grounding, supportive trine with the Sun. Ascendant-ruling Mars has just exited its shadow from a lengthy retrograde, and bursts forth with fresh energy as it begins to cover new ground. At home in Cancer, the Moon applies to a square with Jupiter in Aries and together with Mars forms a Cardinal Grand Cross with Uranus in Libra. So there is no question this Army is ready to spring into action for you, and it’s unlikely to stop at anything short of success.


You'll find the Terracotta Army’s birth chart in the selection of images. If you’d like to work with them to enchant an object of your choosing, send me a message and we’ll make it happen.

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