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Human connection is essential to our lives on Earth, and it is through open-minded discussion and compassionate connection that we deepen our shared understanding. Universal human rights and celestial cycles both speak to our core life experience. They pave the way for profound and meaningful interpersonal exchanges, and I make these links explicit in my public work. I will create a safe space to explore what it means to be human, and you will feel empowered to make choices that speak to this.

My Offering

I am an advocate at heart, and I have always sought to bring us more in touch with our humanity. In service of this mission, I have organized, moderated and presented at international events for businesses, governments and civil society organizations all over the world. Drawing from my background in human rights, I focus on how we can link universal principles with practical action to bring about social, political and legal change. Please reach out to tell me what you have in mind for your event.

Recent speaking engagements have addressed:

  • Burnout and the ‘Peak Performance’ Myth
  • Fatherhood and Men as Caregivers
  • Clock Time vs. Natural Time
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