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Group development work enables us to serve a common goal in ways that speak to our individual sense of purpose. Group dynamics not only dictate how we relate to each other, but also structure how we relate to ourselves. As you explore the energetic footprint of your team, you will understand how you can come together in a more meaningful, fulfilling and productive way for everyone involved.

My Offering

I craft tailored development packages for companies, teams and other groups. I will help your group play to its strengths and bring balance to its soft spots, and you will make decisions that enhance your collective and personal experience. We will discuss where you are and where you wish to be in a free introductory session, and I’ll put together a plan that resonates with your aims. Depending on the size of your group, it may be helpful for me to meet with individual or key members as part of our work. I like to deliver my insight in an interactive form, and I’m glad to lead or facilitate a group retreat or strategy session.

Group work is complex and fascinating, and we will all bring our innate curiosity to the table. I will foster a spirit of open exchange in a safe, compassionate and creative environment. You may find that intuitive tools like coaching, astrology and oracle cards help you break from established relationship patterns. We will step out of the box in order to see it more clearly, and you will understand how to build structures, relationships and projects in a way that serves your purpose.

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I’ve been a client of Patrick’s for a while. He has a unique gift of surprising and delighting with his articulation of the cosmos and he weaves magic and clarity into the corners of my life. So it was natural to ask him to consult with my team at EY in anticipation of our annual strategy day. Patrick created a bespoke program for my team, taking the time to meet with each member and as a collective. He helped us to uncover insights about our energy flows, our hidden strengths and created a gentle awareness of our blind spots. He gave us a new and fresh way of thinking about our hiring strategy, and best of all he uncovered a new language and paradigm in which we connected not only as colleagues, but as brilliant energy bodies moving through this wide universe. I would not hesitate to recommend Patrick to anyone looking to deepen their connection to self, and to each other.